“My experience is that accountants struggle with implementation, so I designed a service that by mentoring and coaching you, will ensure you successfully develop your business advisory service.”
Mark Holton, Smithink Director

» Do you want accelerate growth?
» Do you have the right firm structure and infrastructure?
» Do you have a clearly defined advisory service offering and pricing model?
» Do you have a standardised client engagement model?
» Is the business too dependent on a few people?
» Do you have the capacity to introduce advisory services into your service mix?
» Do you need more strategic focus in your firm?

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Introducing BlueprintHQ, the program what revolutionises and systemises advisory firms. BlueprintHQ provides the program, the infrastructure, the systems and support to achieve sustainable and accelerated growth.

BlueprintHQ includes 5 steps:

1. Business Advisory Readiness Assessment
Accelerated Growth Assessment meeting for up to 1 hour
(complimentary & obligation free)

- Priorities clarification
- Accelerated growth readiness
- Accelerated Growth & Benchmarking Report

2. Investigate (1 Month)

Conduct a complete business audit to identify key issues, gaps, threats, opportunities & strategies.
Analysis includes benchmarking, systems & stakeholder alignment.

Review of:
- Stakeholder issues / mindsets
- Current systems
- People
- Infrastructure
- Operating systems
- Business systems

- Report outlining where you are, where you want to be & how to
get there.

3. Renovate (6-12 Months)

Put in place the foundations to support accelerated growth. This includes the right structure, infrastructure, systems, people & product.

Consists of six phases covering key areas such as:
- Strategic plans & action plans
- People (roles, gaps, accountability, training)
- Infrastructure (offer/product/software)
- Operating Systems
- Business Systems
- Client Engagement (model / program)

4. Accelerate (6-24 Months)

Leverage the structure, people & systems for annual growth of 20% +

- Blueprint (certification & training)

- Engagement efficiencies & effectiveness
o Roleplaying
o Client Meetings (demonstrations)
- Blueprint metrics focus
- Client workshop program
- Specialisation program
- Internal upselling & referral programs

5. Regenerate (6-12 Months)

A new culture will not permeate the business. Review the strategic vision & strategies for the business and implement ongoing growth programs. Potential focus on leveraging business model with acquisitions, succession planning & high performance acceleration initiatives.

** Steps three, four and five can be run conjointly

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