21 February 2018 - February webinar

Accountants are a target for the hackers with the treasure trove of information to enable identity theft and all sorts of frauds. Every firm needs to ensure that they are minimising the risks and have a disaster plan ready to execute should the worst happen. This session will highlight some key issues to consider.

Presented by: David Smith, Smithink


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In this session David Smith and Mark Holton, will review how the next generation of accounting firms are leveraging new technologies to drive new clients services and increased efficiency & profits.

Your computer!

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On demand - FREE webcast recording now available

Mark has spent the last 25 years advising accounting firms on how to structure and implement business advisory. Watch this one hour session with David interviewing Mark on the issues firms face in their business advisory journey and how to overcome them.

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Buy the recording - Licensing Workshop - Twilight Webcast

Renowned licensing expert Kath Bowler of Licensing for Accountants has joined with Smithink to deliver a webcast that will equip you for the new financial services licensing regime. Purchase one session or the whole workshop. Recordings can be watched on demand and are available for 12 months.

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