Thank you for taking the time to present at Rotomould 2017 Melbourne.  The positive feedback has been overwhelming and that is in part thanks to you, for taking the time and bringing your knowledge and presenting it to the international industry.
Michelle Lorenzo, Deputy Executive Officer Association of Rotational Moulders Australasia

Many thanks David. Your session was fantastic. You have created a lot of energy and discussion. I am pleased to confirm we have commitment around the partnership table to make some change, which is better than I thought, so job well done.
Mary Digiglio, Managing Partner, Swaab Attorneys

Thanks very much for this morning. Feedback was fantastic – extremely relevant to all in the room.
Shane Morgan, Partner, Cutcher & Neale

Sincerest thanks for your wonderful presentation at our conference last Thursday. Staff were most impressed and inspired by what you had to say. You certainly challenged some of our thinking – which is what we wanted.
Karen Lowe, Marketing Manager, Osborne Yuille